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Whether you are in online meeting, interactive web conference, or online training – Instant Meeting
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Online-Meetings and Remote-Support. Easy & Secure.
Instant Meeting

Whether you are in online meeting, interactive web conference, or online training – Instant Meeting is the perfect solution for any kind of online collaboration.

Hold web meetings that make everyone feel as if they are sitting at the same table – you can see and hear one another and at the same time you can work on and share documents.

Invite up to 100 participants to work on new business strategies, come to an agreement on budget matters, or hold webinars wherever you are. No need for long journeys to your customers and partners – we give you the most precious thing of all: time.


• Video transmission and chat
• Telephone conferences and VoIP
• Meeting & webinar manager
• Interactive whiteboard
• Secure data transfer
• Moderator selection and user authorization
• Selection of applications
• Participation via browser
• Mobile app for Android & iOS
• Comprehensive module setting options
• Conference recording
• Recording via online log
• Option to integrate survey tool
• And much, much more...

Secure Advisor

W ouldn’t it be easier if you could see, take control of and remotely transfer files to your clients computer instead of discussing the issue over the phone.

Secure Advisor is the answer! Via remote access, you do not only have the ability to look at your customers screen, but you can also take control of it and fix a problem on the spot.

With a variety of useful features, this solution will allow you to take control of both manned and unmanned computers and fix issues quickly and efficiently.


Secure Advisor has recently increased the number of people on the support session to 3, allowing you to pass a support session to a colleague or ask a colleague to come onto the session and advise. This will also allow you meet and demo with up to with up 2 participants if required.

Additionally, Secure Advisor offers the following useful remote maintenance capabilities:

• Remote control of unmanned computers via remote clients (100 clients per room included)
• Folder management and synchronization
• Data exchange via drag & drop
• Support using log files
• Tamper-proof conference recording
• Easy transfer of key combinations

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